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Design and Operating Areas

Intervention Typo


Civil Works

We specialized in the mechanical and electrical installations for commercial buildings and provide system maintenance services across varying environments including offices and multi-purpose properties.


Residential Electrical & Mechanical Systems

More than ever the evolution of technology has penetrated our day to day lifestyles, from residential automated systems, to the most elaborate modern structures and state of the art lighting and security systems.


Industrial Electrical & Mechanical Systems

Innovation has specially played a large role when it comes to job safety and productivity.


Automations Systems

F.P. mep is experienced and knowledgable in the industrial sector and the supervision and control of machinery and industrial processes


Green Economy

F.P. mep s.r.l. is dedicated to environmental sustainability, and for this reason it dedicates its efforts and resources in the field of energy savings.


Intervention Typologies:

  • Anti-intrusion systems
  • Dry/wet sprinkler fire protection systems
  • Video surveillance systems (TVCC)
  • Remote access telecommunication control
  • Support for existing safety systems
  • Automatic door and locking systems
  • Telephone and data transmission systems
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Complete hydraulic sanitary/plumbing systems
  • Industrial custom systems
  • BT/MT electrical panels and power centre
  • BT/MT transformers and electrical closets
  • Public and street illumination systems
  • Automated systems and control panels
  • Vapour heating systems, diathermic oil with B-A pressure
  • Water, wastewater and air purification systems
  • Thermal central units, prefabricated container central units
  • Specialized systems, sterilized and medical gas chambers
  • Adduction and distribution methane gas systems
  • Aqueducts, gas pipelines, booster station
  • Irrigation and autoclaves
  • Management, conduction, maintenance