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Residential E.M. Systems

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More than ever the evolution of technology has penetrated our day to day lifestyles, from residential automated systems, to the most elaborate modern structures and state of the art lighting and security systems. These advances can only benefit and add value to our lives. F.p. mep – DicoTech has re-mastered the traditional installation of automated systems, by adding a series of services that have become fundamental for even domestic use. In the last years the company has completed a substantial amount of installations and invested in job formative courses and equipment, in order to better address:
  • - Systems that transport and distribute electric energy
  • - Communication systems
  • - Security and intrusion detection systems
  • - Building automation systems
  • - Smoke detection and fire safety systems
  • - Indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • - Hydro, sanitary and drainage systems
  • - Water treatment systems
  • - Remote control central heating systems
  • - Centralized remote control systems for water, copper and stainless steel chimney flues
  • - Aqueducts and related systems
  • - Transport systems for special liquids
  • - Central heating systems
  • - Air conditioning systems
  • - Systems for the treatment and distribution of conditioned air