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Automation Systems

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Automated System

F.P. mep - Dicotech is experienced and knowledgable in the industrial sector and the supervision and control of machinery
and industrial processes, and is able to manage:

  • The design and installation wired logic for control panels
  • The design and installation programmable logic control panels
  • Building machine on board systems
  • Building management and control operative panel systems

Building industrial networks for transporting data. Startup systems.
Installation and calibration of drives for:

  • Asynchronous motors
  • DC Servomotors
  • Servomotors in alternating current
  • Stepper motors
  • Installation and calibration of systems for the control of - modulating valves
  • Installation and calibration of systems for temperature control
  • Drafting and setup of software for logic controllers Siemens S5, Siemens S7,
  • ABB, Allen Bradley, Omron, Telemecanique.
  • Drafting and installation of systems software for management and process control